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About Adeuxpaw . . .
It is hard to put a date of my interest with dogs and animals.  Since an early age, it has been a part of me. I have been credited by my Veterinarian to be very observant and nurturing to meet any animals' needs, from gerbils and guinea pigs to goats, cattle, llamas, horses, and more. My dog interest, I would have to say turned into a passion back in the '70's with obedience training and competition. It was in recent years that I became involved with breeding and showing.


Our home
Adeuxpaw is located between the towns of Walkerton and Hanover, Ontario, Canada. It is approximately five miles between both we enjoy the elbowroom of country life on 2.5 acres


Aerial view
Above is an aerial view of our
property. The house (where David,
Catherine, the kids, and the dogs live)is on the left.

Our four legged friends are my peace and solace in the busy Cooke family.   I am a stay at home mom to 3 boy splus a wonderful, encouraging husband. who 
has provided me with the resources to further my hobby.


Social Committee
Our sons are a great help with the dogs and am thrilled at what hey have learned over the years.  They are wonderful, caring and sensitive boys.  Because of their interaction with 
the dogs and pups,  I call them my Social Committee.


        Though I feel new to this hobby, I am grateful to have a few special Lowchen breeders to advise and mentor me. Life is always full of something new to learn.   With friends and kindred sprits with over 30 and 40 years of experience in some cases,my goal and theirs is on the same path to protect and preserve these wonderful little dogs with beauty, intelligence, personality,health and soundness.  I hope you will enjoy the following links and  your visit to our Adeuxpaw home on the internet.

Catherine Cooke

The Lowchen
  Lowchen Puppies