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The Lowchen . . .


The earliest evidence of the Lowchen traces back to the 1400's in Germany and Holland. The Lowchen enjoyed popularity for many centuries as a companion dog to the ruling classes and average person alike.

There are many stories of the breed. In one, a stone statue of a Lowchen is placed at the foot of a tomb housing a knight's body if he died of peaceful causes. If he died a war casualty, then a mighty lion was positioned signifying the knight's valor.
From the 1500's onward, the Lowchen was included in written classificationsof dogs under varying names, but usually as the "Lion Dog". Lowchen is German word, which means "little lion"

The Lowchen is 10"-13" in height, fun loving and eager to please. Lowchens love to play catch and to accompany you on walks and hikes but are also happy to curl up in your lap and just be with you. They are quick learners and have done well in both Obedience and Agility Trials.



(by Ch. Blueribbon Wayon Jennings ex
Ashford's U Lionessa At Kahula (USA) 
Kara is our first homebred Champion Lowchen



(by Wanted Vulgar Drifter ex 
Ch.Ashford's Vested in Trackways)
Breeder Cory Rivera and Gini Denninger



Ch. Blueribbon Wayon Jennings (Kara's sire)

Ashford's U Lionessa at Kahula (USA) (Kara's dam) 



Adeauxpaw Lowchens have been chosen, imported or bred to German, Finnish, American and
Canadian Champion bloodlines of direct descendants of  World and European Champions.
Much research, testing and planning has gone into each dog to become part of Adeuxpaw's breeding program.

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